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Precious Nicholas Vincent

Nicholas Newborn-8025.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8337-2.jpgPINNicholas-Newborn-8034.jpgPINNicholas-Newborn-8059.jpgPINNicholas-Newborn-8043.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8246PIN Nicholas Newborn-8069-2.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8078.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8274.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8261-2.jpgPIN Nicholas Newborn-8275-2PINNicholas-Newborn-8146.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8101.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8115.jpgPIN  Nicholas Newborn-8158.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8169.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8167.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8173.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8185.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8190.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8192.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8196.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8296.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8356.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8361.jpgPINNicholas Newborn-8203.jpgPIN

  • Missy


  • Anonymous

    Precious . You are so blessed. Saw all on Frankie’s phone. Love to allReplyCancel

    • Carolyn Dragone

      Dear Lauren,
      Dawn sent me the photos of your new little guy!
      He is adorable.
      I am so happy for you.
      Love, Carolyn DragoneReplyCancel

  • Pat Levee

    How precious. He is adorable, beautiful, sweet and I am so happy for you, Christian and the family. He is a gift from G-d and I know you will cherish and love him always. Best wishes, love, PatReplyCancel

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