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Our newest addition Liam Daniel Kibler!!

On January 1st, we welcomed Liam Daniel Kibler into the world!  The labor and delivery went as smoothly as possible and it was an amazing way to start the New Year.  His two older brothers couldn’t have been more happy and excited to meet him!  That first week definitely had its share of stresses though – the evening he was born a doctor told us that she was almost completely positive he had down syndrome.  Fortunately, a week later we got the test results back and it was negative – he’s completely healthy!  Our amazing family and friends showed us an incredible amount of love and support during that week, and we thank you for that.  It was an emotional and confusing time, but we feel like we have been given another gift – not only because Liam is healthy, but also because we saw what the love we have for each other and the love our friends and family have can do.DSC_7447PINDSC_7460PINDSC_7468PINDSC_7475PINDSC_7562PINDSC_7544PINDSC_7530PINDSC_7567PINDSC_7517PINDSC_8039PINDSC_8014PINDSC_7740PINDSC_8085PINDSC_7593PINDSC_7611PINDSC_7722PINDSC_7638PINDSC_7660PINDSC_7668PINDSC_7677PINDSC_7690PINDSC_8060PINDSC_8017PINDSC_8044PINDSC_8090PINDSC_8097PINDSC_8123PINDSC_8157PINDSC_8147PINDSC_8204PINDSC_8252PINDSC_7797PINDSC_7759PINDSC_7777PINDSC_7900PINDSC_7829PINDSC_7775PINDSC_7746PINDSC_7840PINDSC_7770PINDSC_7846PINDSC_7879PINDSC_7847PINDSC_7943PINDSC_7886PIN


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