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My Maternity

We are SO excited for our third little boy to arrive!!  He will be here any day now, and Christian and Jack couldn’t be more ready.  As you will see from these photos, they are full of energy and getting them to sit still for a family photo is almost impossible.  So it’s a good thing I had the opportunity to do a couple maternity sessions, one with my husband Patrick and one with my sister-in-law.  Thank you again Michele for taking such AMAZING photos of all us! DSC_6431PINDSC_6442PINDSC_6140PINDSC_6155PINDSC_6157PINDSC_6202PINDSC_6478PINDSC_6491PINDSC_6474PINDSC_6512PINDSC_6489PINDSC_6516PINDSC_6352PINDSC_6361PINDSC_6562PINDSC_6543PINDSC_6588PINDSC_6605PINDSC_6612PINDSC_6570PINDSC_6625PINDSC_6640PINDSC_6645PINDSC_6652PIN


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