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Kelly and Adam are having a baby girl soon!

Finally, I have gotten around to posting this beautiful session with Kelly and Adam.  We had so much fun and I am really looking forward to meeting their little baby girl when she comes next month.  King Maternity_0005PINKing Maternity_0002PINKing Maternity_0004PINKing Maternity_0006PINKing Maternity_0007PINKing Maternity_0008PINKing Maternity_0009PINKing Maternity_0010PINKing Maternity_0011PINKing Maternity_0012PINKing Maternity_0013PINKing Maternity_0014PINKing Maternity_0015PINKing Maternity_0016PINKing Maternity_0003PIN


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